LAFMS: how low can you go?

LAFMS: how low can you go? A short film portrait of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.

These irreverent, LA-based experimental musicians have been fearlessly exploring sound since the early 1970’s. The collective is bonded by friendship and a love for blowing apart boundaries. LAFMS helped birth modern noise music and have influenced artists around the world.

This documentary directed by Holly Thompson and Mark McNeill, tells the story of the Los Angeles Free Music Society through interviews and live performance clips featuring LAFMS Members: Ace Farren Ford, Dennis “Duck” Mehaffey, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Joseph Hammer, Mitchell Brown, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion and Vetza Trussell.

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“Check out this film. It’s about something you don’t know about but you do know about, and if you’re a noise nerd you definitely know about… While all these wankers were toodle jerkin’ their geetars, or gettin’ rockin roll geetarded, these dudes were breaking shit, wrangling wild tape loops, making jerk-canned techno and generally fucking the fabric of time! So dope.” – Peaking Lights

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SSVR8 is a Special Presentation of a short film, “COD SPEED MY KIA SOUL”

Written and directed by Ella Andersson, and Cameron Stallones.

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Geneva Jacuzzi – Cannibal Babies

Geneva Jacuzzi has a melty new exercise video from hell. “Cannibal Babies” is off her new album, Technophelia, coming out on Medical Records next month. Directed by Michael Shroads.

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Institute for New Feeling & Cosmic D’Alessando – The Lite

Meditation IV: Re: long overdue payment
The Lite is a meditation series optimized for the adult contemporary lifestyle. Join Cosmic d’Alessando and the Institute for New Feeling as they bring to you a confidential business proposal. Listen in your car or while watering your succulents. You’ve been selected for this special opportunity.

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