Melted Toys – Always

New video by Melted Toys, from San Francisco. The video depicts a burning apparition traversing a colorful, psychedelic landscape. Directed by Anibal Bley from Santiago, Chile, this is something Vince Collins would love to see or twist in a new form. This song is from the debut album out on Underwater Peoples and mixed by dublab’s favorite Rusty Santos.

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Walter Gross – Patmos

Walter Gross created his very own super-solarized “motion-collage” for “Patmos” using a combination of stop-motion and time-lapse. All that amazing collage work was done by hand on a green screen, and then layered in Final Cut. “Patmos” is off his new split tape with Telecaves – his side is Trigger, Telecaves’ is Line-Fracture. Be sure to pick up your very own slime-green cassette tape packed with dark noise and some sludgy beats from I Had An Accident Records.

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Father You See Queen – Oceans 3D

Father You See Queen is the duo of Makr (formerly of To Kill A Pretty Bourgeoisie) and Nicole Tolleson. Based in Minneapolis, their debut CD EP 47 was released as a limited edition CD EP and Digital EP on FSS in April, 2012. The sweet and the sour, the smooth and the rough, the clear and the murky – contrast is what Father You See Queen work with. Makr’s electronic textures skew Mona’s voice just as the dusty vocals shade the beats. The manipulation of opposites and what ranges between are what the duo and their guest contributors work with.

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Drab Majesty – Everything Is Sentimental (live)

This video features the soloist Deb Demure, the pandrogynous preist(ess) of LA based Drab Majesty (goth, shoegaze, new wave) performing a live version of an unreleased song entitled “Everything is Sentimental” from his/her forthcoming debut LP. The video was shot and edited by fellow visual collaborator Jean Renault.

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