Reverse Commuter & Dilo – Look At Me

Kenneth James Gibson (Reverse Commuter, [a]pendics.shuffle) & Dilo are back with a new song ‘Look At Me’ and video on Los Angeles label Adjunct

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Carlos Niño & Friends – Enter the Nowosphere

Carlos Niño is a people person. He brings folks together on a common ground of creative music. His Carlos Niño & Friends project is a living record of this positive action. The newest album AURORASMUSHROOMTENDERNESS is out now on disques corde. Carlos’ 15 year old son, budding filmmaker Azul Niño has made a wonderful video for the song “Enter The Nowosphere.” As a listener and viewer you too are a part of this music movement.

Video: Directed, Edited, Shot, etc., by Azul Niño
Music: Produced and Arranged by Carlos Niño

Featuring Deantoni Parks on Drums – Farmer Dave Scher on Lap Steel –
Cut Chemist on MPC Bass – Kelsey Gonzalez on Electric Bass –
Dexter Story on Synth Strings – Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on Violin, Viola,
String Arrangement – Carlos Niño on Nature and Space Sounds, Flute

Mixed in 3 Phases: Phase 1 – Drums, MPC Bass and Guitar by
Cut Chemist & Carlos Niño, Phase 2 – Nature and Space Sounds,
Electric Bass and Synth Strings by Carlos Niño, and Phase 3 –
Strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Benjamin Tierney

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Shintaro Sakamoto – Birth of the Super Cult

Shintaro Sakamoto wants to lull listeners to sleep deeply then buzz them awake, and in the moment between, before the brain sparks into consciousness, he will send a vision. This message comes in the form of a hypnagogic pop dream. Our team of clinicians have utilized ancient devices to record this message. Press play now and see what it looks like inside the skull of the enchanted.

“Birth of the Super Cult” comes from Shintaro Sakamoto’s forthcoming album, Let’s Dance Raw to be released September 16th on Other Music Recording Co. and Zelone Records.

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Mia Doi Todd – The Making of Floresta

Mia Doi Todd has a new album coming out on September 16th called Floresta. “Floresta” is Portuguese for “forest”, and this album consists entirely of beautiful Brazilian songs that Mia has re-interpreted along with a talented group of Brazilian musicians. This video documents the recording process, which took place at Éstudio Rocha in São Paolo, Brazil.

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