Hailu Mergia – taking flight with the Ethiopian keyboard master

Hailu Mergia is an Ethiopian keyboard and accordion master who stirs souls. He creates music of the meditative as well as highly funky variety. We’re excited to share these two videos giving insight into his creative world. The one above is a beautifully crafted documentary by Far Off Sounds and the one below captures a recent live performance. Be sure to seek out his releases via the Awesome Tapes from Africa label: Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument and Hailu Mergia and the Walias “Tche Belew”.

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Mount Analogue – 閻魔 (Yama)

Mount Analogue is a French Duo that that keeps it psychedelic, dark, dance, and sinister. Anything could be behind those Japanese noh masks, maybe them, or maybe another mask, or maybe those are not masks, why assume that? In any case, getting lost in the woods on DMT can always be fun, unless you run into these guys…

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Bing & Ruth – Reflector

Bing & Ruth’s “Reflector” has an almost score-like quality, simple compositions that seems like it accidentally and purposefully told a story. Hana Tajima directed the video of one of the tracks from the band’s full length album that just came out. It was filmed at dawn throughout New York City over several days. Bing & Ruth presents minimalist pieces that are introspective in the way literature can be. It deceives with its uncomplicated, droning structure to simply exist and transform your surroundings. “Tomorrow Was the Golden Age” is out now on RVNG Intl.

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Storms – Colores (Para Lole Pt. 2)

Storms is the elemental duo of Eva Puyuelo and Lori Scacco. The two first met as collaborators in Savath & Savalas. Their friendship and creative exchange continued and came to fruition with the 2010 album Lay Your Sea Coat Aside. Now Storms have returned with Colores (Para Lole Pt. 2) a vibrant exploration of the micro to macro cosmos of color through sound. The limited edition 7 inch release features a cover by TwoPoints and remix by patten. It is available now in select stores and even wider as a free digital gift for one week via the Storms Bandcamp page.

We proudly offer you the premier of the accompanying video by Martin & Martin. This creative combos of same named men = longtime dublab friend and visionary motion artist Martín Allais & fellow Barcelona buddy Martin Lorenz of Two Points. Together with Storms, they created a delightfully conceptual video for “Colores (Para Lole Pt. 2)” that is one of the most stunning visual creations we have encountered. Disfrutan!

Here’s more insight about the video from Storms & Martín Allais themselves…

Since the beginning we always wanted to make something with the lyrics “todo es de colores”; we thought it was very suggestive and also very open…like the universe! That’s when we went to see the Eames Office video “The Powers of Ten” again and thought it was a very cool idea to inspire this structure to create the narrative of our video. So the video is a tribute to Eames, to the powers of ten, to the universe and of course to the fact that: everything is colourful (todo es de colores), because it is a fact! – Martín Allais, Martín & Martin

For a long time we had talked with Barcelona director Martín Allais about working together – he wanted to create something for our debut album, specifically for our song “Para Lole” with the lyrics “todo es de colores” (everything is colorful). The record came out and much time had passed, so we decided to write something new centered around those words – a collaboration with Martín and designer Martin Lorenz, inspired by the Eames’ film “The Powers of Ten”, in which both video and song were created simultaneously and responded to each other along the way. We thought about rock candy. We thought about Charles & Ray. We thought about turning picnic blankets into galaxies. And that song became “Colores (Para Lole Pt. 2)!” – Lori Scacco, Storms

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