Martin Gore – Europa Hymn

Martin Gore releases an animated video for “Europa Hymn,” directed by London based collective M-I-E. MG is a soundtrack to an emotional and mysterious film of your own design, the album was written and produced by Martin Gore at his home studio in Santa Barbara.

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James Pants – Broth

Man of mysterious melodies and sultry sensations James Pants is back with another round of rippling waves to massage your ringing eardrums. His new album Savage creeps out of the jungle on April 14th to see the light of day via Stones Throw. To prepare you for the album experience, Hank Demaio crafted this visual vignette to accompany the song “Broth.” What happened the fateful afternoon pictured? Watch the long shadows unfold to see if you can figure it out.

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Palmbomen II – Cindy Savalas & the film trilogy

Palmbomen II has pulled this epic feat by putting out a new record, developing an inspiring live performance and to top it all create a film trilogy to go along with the release of the album. All the piece are out there, the story’s been told, now is time to immerse yourself in his universe and make sense of it all. Cindy Savalas is the third of these films, and you can see all three here and now.

Cindy Savalas

Carina Sayles

Leo Danzinger

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Sulk Stalkings – Olivia Knight Psychotherapy Infomercial EXT. 017

Olivia Knight Psychotherapy Infomercial EXT. 017 from Jenny Sayaka NONO on Vimeo.

DUBLAB DJ Jenny NONO has been developing and working on the Sulk Stalkings movie for a while. With every step we get a new piece of the puzzle at the same time that new questions come about the project. The final answer may just be in Jenny’s head, but for now we can at least share the infomercial that will be part of this movie.

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