Scott Cazan – Swallow

Scott Cazan – Swallow (Official Video) from Care Of Editions on Vimeo.

Swallow by Scott Cazan joins the endless explorations coming out of C/O Editions. With a video that is just as deep as this composition, the work of this Los Angeles artist has been fascinating us ever since we met him at one of the Tonalism events dublab organizes.

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Lio – Sage Comme une Image

Catchy as a cold and cuter than a fox, Lio has captured our minds and ears. This jam like many of her others is bubble gum popping to a synthy beat. It’s as feel good as any France Gall gem and can be chewed on repeat so enjoy!

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[#/tau] Boris Hegenbart – Drone

[#/tau] Boris Hegenbart – Drone (Official Video) from Care Of Editions on Vimeo.

The meditative power of everyday things, the quiet actions that take us through our day. This sort of appreciation for what surrounds our life is deeply explored in this video with a piece of field recordings, digital manipulation and other ways to compose the unheard. C/O Editions is behind this and many other works that keep breaking new ground in familiar ways.

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Thundercat + Eric Andre – “Tron Song”

A disturbingly hypnotic blitz through the minds of mad men Thundercat and Eric Andre. Look out for the cameo by Azul 213. Watch it and you’ll age 10000 years, but they’ll be damn good years.

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