The Big Station

It goes without saying that we love radio but we’ll reiterate with this posting. “The Big Station,” made by our friend Tyler Bell is an intimate profile of Montgomery, Alabama’s local WKXN radio. This full length documentary is a fly on the wall portrait of a community radio station that is so tightly knit with its listeners that they frequently bust in the front door to comment in the flesh. “The Big Station” is a soulful signal to all lovers of real radio waves.

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Hikashu – The Model

Hikashu’s cover of Kraftwerk’s classic tune “The Model” is presented in as straight faced a manner as the epic original, but with a healthy layer of jangly Japanese post-punk flavor.

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Jenny NONO – Burn

BURN from Jenny Sayaka NONO on Vimeo.

Jenny NONO is the host of one of dublab’s darkest show. She’s been also working this short film loosely based on vanity, betrayal, sociopaths, tooth decay, pyromania and whatever else you want it to be…

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Palmbomen II – An Introduction to PII

“I like to go to parties” is the first line on this video promoting the new Beats In Space release by Palbomen II. From the Netherlands to LA, the alien lanes are about to change in the way they run parallel. Travel to the infinite of this sound to the place where they finally meet. Maybe is where the 10 freeway ends, or maybe the infinite is somewhere else. Palmbomen II is different in nature from the other project (Palmbomen) Kai Hugo. This one is less collaborative in its nature and more of an attic/bedroom project with cables running from drum machines to effects and analog synths while the X Files run in the back on a marathon session. I like to go to parties too…

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