Geneva Jacuzzi – MOCA Lotion

Live Taping of Geneva Jacuzzi’s MOCA LOTION at MOCA Geffen from Experimental Half-Hour on Vimeo.

Geneva Jacuzzi‘s live taping of her collaboration with Experimental Half-Hour is up now. Part infomercial, part art piece, part something else. Geneva is one of the creators of the raw elements that go on to form the voice of future trends and styles, however, we all know it all started with her.

Experimental Half-Hour is an avant-garde television show of performance art and experimental music. Utilizing a mobile studio they go into site specific venues to create multi-media interactive experiences in collaboration with artists and performers to produce thirty minute episodes of live television. In addition to the performance Geneva Jacuzzi will debut a series of commercials and videos created by her longtime collaborator, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, founder of Telefantasy Studios and the director behind the Dark Ages video program.

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T.E.A.L. – Skulls

Ego-obliterating Everest disasters, cryogenics & sky burials is a way to describe the T.E.A.L. video. Tears of Joy is the label of James Sinclair from Pacific Horizon and Rinpoche Boys that released this and many other exploratory works that give the dance floor a new meaning.

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Telecaves x Alex Pelly – live Proton Drive audio/visual offering

The band Telecaves and dublab film visionary Alex Pelly have created a special offering for the dublab Proton Drive Fundraiser. This audio/visual collaboration blends a live, improvised music performance by the duo Telecaves with visual accompaniment from Alex. Enjoy this journey into the beautifully oblique.

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Cakedog – CakeUp

Leland Jackson aka Ahnnu is making music to make physical/metaphysical moves to. His Cakedog project is a tip of the toes to the late, great Chicago producer DJ Rashad’s ground quaking footwork sounds. You can pick up the Cakedog album Menace in the Phantom on Leaving Records. LA creative conjurer Alima Jennings has crafted a fuzzed up dance-blitz video vamp for the tune “CakeUp.” Cop this with your optics.

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