Telecaves x Alex Pelly – live Proton Drive audio/visual offering

The band Telecaves and dublab film visionary Alex Pelly have created a special offering for the dublab Proton Drive Fundraiser. This audio/visual collaboration blends a live, improvised music performance by the duo Telecaves with visual accompaniment from Alex. Enjoy this journey into the beautifully oblique.

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Cakedog – CakeUp

Leland Jackson aka Ahnnu is making music to make physical/metaphysical moves to. His Cakedog project is a tip of the toes to the late, great Chicago producer DJ Rashad’s ground quaking footwork sounds. You can pick up the Cakedog album Menace in the Phantom on Leaving Records. LA creative conjurer Alima Jennings has crafted a fuzzed up dance-blitz video vamp for the tune “CakeUp.” Cop this with your optics.

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BAR – Luna May

Lucas and Christina created the BAR universe. A project of pop songs, sinister textures, and androgynous realms, all driven by dance beats. Their record in Italic is been on heavy rotation at dublab. Now that their second video from their debut release is out, we can only confirmed what we always suspected.

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Lone – Restless City

With the classic Chicago house influences and some of that Keith Haring/Basquiat vibe of the early 80s NY, Lone is setting the tone right with his new release on R&S: Reality Testing. Taking his sound on the road will be another treat for fans of his music and the label. Keep an eye for dates both in the US and Europe.

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