Institute for New Feeling & Cosmic D’Alessando – The Lite

Meditation IV: Re: long overdue payment
The Lite is a meditation series optimized for the adult contemporary lifestyle. Join Cosmic d’Alessando and the Institute for New Feeling as they bring to you a confidential business proposal. Listen in your car or while watering your succulents. You’ve been selected for this special opportunity.

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Busdriver Thumbs Vignette

Busdriver just released a vignette starring his mother, Joni Palmer to promote his new tape, Thumbs. It’s set in LA’s Leimert Park, the heart of black culture in Los Angeles and home to the Project Blowed open mic, where Busdriver and various other rap luminaries developed the left of underground hiphop for the city from the mid-nineties on. The song is Worlds to Run, featuring Anderson .Paak and milo prod by Kenny Segal w/ Carmack on horns and Mike Parvizi on guitar. Directed by labrat Alex Pelly.

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Julia Holter – Silhouette

Julia Holter has another video for her latest album, Have You In My Wilderness. This one’s a lilting avant-guard piece shot on film and directed by Rick Bahto.

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How To Stay Creative with Jimmy Tamborello

Jimmy Tamborello tells BuzzFeed how he stays creative in this video made by labrat Alex Pelly. Check out some more of Jimmy’s music as Dntel on Soundcloud.

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