ESP “VisionVersion”

dublab is excited to present the next chapter of the VisionVersion film series. This live performance by ESP was filmed at Cheetahs Hollywood in Silverlake, one of the oldest gentleman’s clubs in Los Angeles. It was organized as a live happening, for which the audience was encouraged to come in futuristic costume and enjoy a night of next wave wonder. Set on the mirrored stage, ESP seem to control the dancers’ movements with their bubbling bass and tribal flow, while visual projections bounce around them creating a vibrant display that echos the club’s colorful lights.

ESP is a new Los Angeles-based trio whose primary interest is, as their name implies, Extra Sensory Perception. The group explores this phenomena through their own synesthetic, synth-laden dreamscapes which literally overflow with hypercolored visuals. This is ESP, the sights, sounds and sensory overload of the West Coast cosmos.

The brother / sister combo of Aska and Seiya Matsumiya (keyboards / vocals & keyboards / electronics, respectively) are joined by Bobby Evans (drums & electronics). The catalyst and dynamics of the band as natural as the group’s synergy and soaring late night anthems of ESP’s debut EP, due out in August. The band has already released the 627 remix EP (w/ remixes of the title track by Lucky Dragons, Hecuba, etc.) and also has a split 10″ with kindred spirits UFO due out soon via Oh Wow.

This VisionVersion was directed by Alex Pelly, dublab’s video manager, who previously directed the Javelin VisionVersion at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, and has co-produced several others with Mark “frosty” McNeill. She is also a director with The Masses Lab and creates ESP’s live visuals.

Cheetahs Hollywood

Alex Pelly


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dublab is proud to share the next installment of the VisionVersion film series. This live performance by Devendra Banhart was filmed at the incredible “Superba” exhibit presented by the Johnson Trading Company at the J.F. Chen Loft in Hollywood. The amazing labyrinth of furniture transcends time and space with his breathtaking mix of antiques from around the world and revolutionary creations by contemporary artists. The “Superba” exhibit was an eye popping wonderland where futuristic fused with prehistoric in a collection of masterpieces by Matthew Sullivan, Aranda/Lasch, Michael Wilson, Simon Toparovsky with Lev Rukhin, Kwangho Lee, Simon Hasan, JoAnn Patterson, Greg Lynn, Max Lamb, Yassi, Eddy Sykes, and Mary Brogger.

Devendra Banhart is a singer-songwriter and celebrated visual artist who helped form the front lines of the acclaimed “freak folk” scene but has always traveled his own genre blurring path bouncing between psych to African Reggae to doo-wop to Tropicalia to weird jamz to warm jams. In this VisionVersion he plays a tried and true favorite, “At The Hop” and a newer tune, “Quedate Luna.” Devendra spent some time growing up in Venezuela so the Spanish song flows with beautiful ease.

This VisionVersion episode was directed by June Zandona of The Masses Lab. This is June’s first VisionVersion in the role of director, but she was an essential part of the Javelin VisionVersion crew at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater where she operated a camera and gathered much of the amazing backstage puppet footage. She also served as Director of Photography on dublab’s upcoming ESP VisionVersion at Cheetahs Hollywood.


J.F. Chen Loft

June Zandona


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LA LADIES CHOIR “VisionVersion”

dublab is delighted to share the next installment of the VisionVersion film series. This nautically inspired live performance by the L.A. Ladies Choir was filmed at the The Sea Nymph Installation at Machine Project (Echo Park, Los Angeles). A non-profit collective of artists and performers, Machine Project, serves as an informal educational institution which hosts scientific talks, poetry readings, musical performances and competitions. Machine Project housed the Sea Nymph Installation in the fall of 2010, a sunken ship set created by Josh Beckman, that for two weeks offered aquatic-themed events, performances, lectures, and workshops.

The L.A. Ladies Choir consists of 30 creative women whose careers span music, fashion, art, literature and theater. Although currently on hiatus, the choir performed weekly throughout the City of Angels. Their repertoire singing from classic and modern covers to originals by Becky Stark (front woman for both Lavender Diamond and the trio the Living Sisters) , Aska Matsumiya (of indie bands AsDSSka, the Sads, and Moonrats) and singer-songwriter Ariana Delawari. Some other members included model Frankie Rayder, pastry chef Jenny Park of the Trails Cafe, Diva Dompé of the bands blackblack/Pocahaunted, producer and performer Nicole Disson (producer of The Series at The Standard and NOMERICA at El Cid) cult costumer and stylist Miss KK, and vintage-store owner and musician Kitty Jensen. The L.A. Ladies Choir released their first LP in September 2010 through Teenage Teardrops, titled: “Sing Joyfully”. This dublab VisionVersion remains as one of the last collaborations of the choir and a sweet artifact of this dreamy collective.

This VisionVersion was directed by Benjamin Kutsko of The Masses. Benjamin has been a wide-ranged collaborator with dublab, projecting his films and music videos in the Labrat Matinee 9 screening program as well as assisting with the production of dublab’s Tonalism at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, as part of the university’s Reed Arts Week 2010. Cinematography on this VisionVersion film was helmed by the talented Eduardo Mayen.

“Oceans and Ground”

The Sea Nymph Installation, Machine Project

Benjamin Kutsko



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PHARAOHS “VisionVersion”

“Tantra Sky”

Museum of Neon Art

Matt Amato & Grant Leuchtner

dublab is thrilled to share the next installment of the VisionVersion film series. This live performance by Pharaohs was filmed in the glow of the Museum of Neon Art in Downtown, Los Angeles. The Museum of Neon Art (MONA) is devoted to art built using neon lighting and their collection includes preserved neon signs as well as original fine art and kinetic art. The collection exists to encourage learning and curiosity through the preservation, collection and interpretation of neon art. It’s collection includes new art built with neon lighting and

Pharaohs is composed of Sam Cooper and Alejandro Cohen, with guest appearances by Suzanne Kraft, SFV Acid, Austin of Puro Instinct, Casey Butler, William Lemon III, Soft Soil Music, and Michael Martinson. They continue in the tradition of experimental music performance created by artists such as Terry Riley, La Dusseldorf, Psychic TV and Popol Vuh among others. During their live performances Pharaohs expand their compositions by improvising and re-writing them on the spot. With a combination of sound textures, dance beats and intricate rhythms, the music of Pharaohs has been captivating listeners during their live performances, pushing to new territories as well as traveling paths of the past. Pharaohs released its first set of compositions through the Los Angeles based label Living Tapes in 2009, and has had songs on a number of compilations throughout 2010. The band is currently working on two EPs that will be out in 2011/2012. Please check them out at >

This VisionVersion was directed by Matt Amato of The Masses and local Los Angeles musician Grant Leuchtner. Matt Amato is a longtime friend of dublab and also directed our Long Lost VisionVersion at the Velaslavasy Panorama and the Lucky Dragons and Cluster VisionVersions at Farmlab. Grant’s self-expressive music has been previously posted on dublab.


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